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April 15, 2011 / stallionsport

Sydney harbour’s spymaster

HE’S the James Bond of the deep — with a licence to krill. Well, not just krill. Underwater photographer Richard Vevers is fighting for all marine life — not MI6.

Using a hi-tech underwater scooter, Mr Vevers is documenting the mysteries of Sydney Harbour and our beaches to create virtual snorkelling tours. Where Bond would modify such a scooter to shoot rockets, Vevers has modified his machine to shoot high-definition video.

A team of six divers from Underwater Earth are currently roaming the depths of Sydney to create the video tours — which will be posted online in coming months.

The clips will highlight the importance of conserving our marine environment. The project is being funded by the Sydney Coastal Councils Group and is the first in what will become a nationwide project.

“We’re videoing with a special tool we’ve developed with underwater scooters to give a fish-eye view of that location,” Mr Vevers said.

More info check:

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